TANKAGE & VESSELS - Our core business is the complete custom design of Pressure Vessels and tankage for the Process Industries. Tanks from 2’ – 200’ in diameter are daily requests. While the industry has demanded us to take on larger scale projects, we have, and will continue, to adhere to our strongest roots. We can accommodate almost any lining, paint, or insulation request.
HEAT EXCHANGERS - Pro-Fab manufactures some of the largest shell and tube heat exchangers used across all industries. We have shipped heat exchangers exceeding 16’ in diameter, 140’ in length and tipping the scales above 250,000#. We offer the ability to tube new vessels in the field and re-tube existing vessels when utilizing the services of Merivic.
DRYERS & DRYING EQUIPMENT - We are a core supplier of Rotary Drums for most of the industry’s leading providers of drying technology. We can provide a rotary drum, ring dryer, steam tube dryer, or a complete system including cyclones, duct work, and other necessary equipment. We have been building these technologies since the early years of Pro-Fab.
PROCESS SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS - Our diverse capabilities have allowed us to fabricate complete process systems. This ranges from large scale plants and operations to a skid mounted unit that is ready to go once unloaded, supplied power and process connections are made.