FIELD ERECTED TANKS - Pro-Fab is able to completely design and pre-fabricate all materials for tanks of diameters up to 200’. Using the services of Merivic, we are able to provide a simple solution to all of your large diameter tankage needs. Utilizing the latest in circumferential welding technology, Merivic is able to bring large projects down to a smaller scale.
EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION - If we can build it for you, we can get it installed. Using the services of Merivic and Welco we are able to get the equipment in place, and in most cases make all necessary connections. These include ductwork, spouting, piping, electrical and instrumentation.
PIPING INSTALLATION - We have the ability to engineer systems and pre-fab most of the pipe or build it all on-site. In either scenario, Welco has the ability to get all of the piping finished, put in place, and make all the necessary connections. The end result is a complete system that is reliable for years to come.
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION - In conjunction with Welco, we are able to completely engineer your electrical and instrumentation requirements, as well as get it all installed for you. We provide electrical overhaul services as well.